Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 month into FC

Its almost 1 month into the FC and I have begun to find and sink into my comfort. Some guys have gone ahead and stopped caring for the Show-Cause memos as well. 4 short treks have happened so far each one tougher than the previous one and preparations are in full swing for the 8 days long trek to begin this statuurday.
The long trek was postponed by a week due to heavy rains for weeks.
Aha! that reminds me of the inclement weather that persisted for 4-5 days. While on hand it was irritating to me because I can't stand absence of sunlight for more than 2-3 days and the damp, sticky air that seemed to permeate every inch of the space, every pore in the skin, on the other it also brought us relief from the morning PT. Well not completely, since we still had to go for it but only to the sports complex downstairs, sparing us the 2 km walk/run to the polo ground. Another reason to hate the weather, it gave me a throat infection that seems to plan to stay  with me till I stay in Mussoorie. Damn!
But finally FC gave those golden memories, dreams of which are injected into every OT's mind to make the stay as pleasant as possible. I got complements. And u r thinking wrong, they were not about the well-known genious that I am, rather my good looks. I was told be handsome by so many that I began doubting the truth in it. I could feel their cold sighs.
But as it happens, all good things must come to an end. And as of today I am already experiencing the feel-good curve has reached the inflection point. BUt perhaps this is exactly what I should guard against. Exactly what I had set out to work against when I set my objectives for the FC.
The curve slopes upward as long as I believe it to be. Using my mind whenever my heart tries to steer me in the wrong ( read negative) direction.
So much so for now.Will come back again when time permits which would most probably be after my trek.


  1. No updates since two months! please post some!


  2. Hello there!

    Great listening to a voice from the hills. I am Subhash, Rank 250, CSE 2010. Expecting IPS or IRS. Am sure the schedule is keeping you busy. But wished to know the chances of me being trained in Mussorie. Trifurcation et al?